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The Grand Princely Ball
of the 
Golden Bucket* 
(* Godet d'Or)


The Grand Princely Ball of the Golden Bucket is the most important event in the Principality of Aigues-Mortes. This gala is also the largest micronational social event in EUROPE. Each year between 120 and 150 guests are flocking there to share a friendly and elegant moment. The Golden Bucket has become more and more international over time. During the last editions, people came from Vienna, Milan, Chicago, Miami, London, Paris, Montreal, Geneva, Mainz, Brussels, Bangkok and Beijing. The gala was however canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid 19 pandemic.


This year, the Gala du Golden Bucket brought together guests from 7 countries in Europe and North America. During the festivities, Prince Jean-Pierre IV decorated Ladies Agnès Michallet, Hélène Bret and Sandra Petermann with the Grand Princely Order of the Flamingo, then Duke Geoffrey Mathes and Count Ludovic Troubat.

The evening took place at the Hôtel le Saint-Louis, designated as the Prince's official residence in Aigues-Mortes in 2022. The careful work on the tables was jointly carried out by the teams of the Saint-Louis and the stewardship of the Prince's Palace. The banquet meal marking the 10 years of reign of Jean-Pierre IV was signed by Matthieu Klein, chef of the Prince's Palace. The emphasis was brilliantly placed on local and seasonal products and the wines from the princely cellar highlighted the know-how of a family wine producer from around the Principality.

The DN Champagne house supplied the Prince's Palace for the first time this year by introducing a special cuvée of its rosé champagne for the Prince's house. The evening continued with the opening of the ball by the princely couple on the traditional Viennese waltzes.

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