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Who are we ?

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Born to be a parody of Monaco in Camargue , the Principality of Aigues-Mortes has aroused a real popular and unifying impetus in the village to become an alternative and complementary civic community.

It creates its own association LOUPAM in April 2012 to support and promote the city and local initiatives with its offbeat style.

The Principality was inspired by Seborga, an Italian micronation that developed tourism in its community through its existence. With the support of the artisans, inhabitants and shopkeepers of the village, the Principality creates its princely guard, its radio-television and its national press. In May 2017, it launched the "flamant", its own local currency to support local trade and crafts with the moral support of the municipality.

In the cultural and social field, the Principality carries out several events enabling local artisans to illustrate their talents. The best known is the Grand Princely Ball of the Golden Bucket where it awards each year the Constance Prize, a trophy dedicated to a person who has made a significant contribution to the quality of life or the reputation of Aigues-Mortes. In June 2016, the Principality supported and co-founded FIMCAM, an international classical music festival which presented five Masterclasses from London for its first edition.

Around an unlikely princely couple that is very devoted to the socio-cultural and economic development of Aigues-Mortes, the principality has gradually evolved into a country of fantasy but certainly endowed with a real population. It has therefore rightly become a micronation with its own identity symbols that combine traditional Camargue's customs and innovative ideas for the future.

The strength of this micronation is to have an important community of talents and to solicit citizens' initiative and solidarity. The Principality wants and intends to play a useful and social role. It is about being a force of proposition and not of opposition.

Collaboration with the authorities is done with pragmatism and good intelligence. Unlike Seborga in Italy, the aigues-mortese principality has no sovereignist intention and only exists to serve its city by creating more solidarity and citizen initiatives that the princely couple and his whole team are able to stimulate.

To be a citizen of the Principality is to want to act for his city and his fellow citizens instead of waiting for what the commune can do for everyone. We do it well and with humor in addition.

As our national motto says: See life in rosé!

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