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Our laws


To respond to the malice of smugglers of refugees or migrants and collectors of micronational citizenships without any real desire to contribute to the construction and development of the Principality of Aigues-Mortes, the representatives of our micronation voted as follows:


Article 1: The following people may claim Aigues-Mortaise citizenship:

  • All residents of the communes of Aigues-Mortes, Grau-du-Roi and Saint-Laurent d'Aigouze, corresponding to the territory of the Community of Communes of Terre de Camargue.

  • -All French-speaking people staying in Aigues-Mortes, thus contributing to its economy on a regular and continuous basis.

  • People demonstrating a real interest in the Principality of Aigues-Mortes through concrete actions or exercising diplomatic positions on behalf of the Principality of Aigues-Mortes abroad.

  • Citizens of a European Union country or French-speaking Quebec.

Article 2: Once granted, Aigues-Mortaise citizenship is definitive in accordance with international laws in force. The Prince may, however, withdraw all civic rights from any citizen who has been found guilty of malicious acts against the interests of the Principality or who has seriously violated the internal regulations of the LOUPAM association.

Article 3: The process of naturalization must observe and follow Article 5 of our Constitution on Citizenship.

Law promulgated by HSH, Prince Jean-Pierre IV on May 15, 2019



To ensure proper respect for our laws, strengthen citizen involvement and democracy within our principality, the representatives of our micronation voted as follows:

Article 1: The laws of the Principality that we vote for are commitments that each citizen must respect as soon as they are approved in our territory.

Article 2: Our laws cannot go against those of the French Republic nor be political or subject to controversy.

Article 3: They must focus on the themes of living together in Aigues-Mortes and humor because our society is based on life in rosé.

Article 4: If one of us is “caught” by a princely guard or a member of the princely family breaking one of our civic laws, the fine will be set at the amount of one cubis rosé of Listel 5 liters at INTERMARCHÉ. The money will be put in a Frog-shaped piggy bank.

Article 5: A citizens' masked ball will be organized every 2 years. It will take place in odd years. It is during this ball that the Princess will kiss the Golden Frog which will then be opened. The money contained will be given to a citizen present who will have been drawn at random by the Crown Prince or Crown Princess.

Law promulgated by HSH, Prince Jean-Pierre IV on January 20, 2024



To protect good taste in our country and out of respect for our feet which carry us throughout the holy day, the representatives of our micronation voted as follows: ​

Article 1: Wearing flip-flops is prohibited throughout the territory of the Principality of Aigues-Mortes.

Article 2: Each offender will be penalized with a fine at the price of the price of 5L listel brand rosé cubis at the Aigues-Mortes intermarket. ​

Law promulgated by HSH, Prince Jean-Pierre IV on January 26, 2024

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