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Although the principality is a joyful and friendly country, it is nonetheless intransigent when it comes to defending human rights, the environment and fair trade. As a responsible micronation, the Principality of Aigues-Mortes has established diplomatic relations with many micronations around the world to form a stronger and international citizen lobby to better defend our universal values.

We are at the origin of the Microfrancophonie, the organization that brings together the main French-speaking and/or Francophile micronations active in the world. This organization is developing around environmental and societal issues and is enjoying growing success in the Micromonde.

Like any self-respecting country, the Principality also has a diplomatic network in many countries on all continents, thanks to the presence of ambassadors and consuls with whom we maintain regular communication.



Since his accession to the throne, Prince Jean-Pierre IV has ensured the presence and representation of Aigues-Mortes at the various micronational meeting summits. He does this with the strong intention of giving a prominent place to his city in this universe which is of increasing interest to the media. It is a question of building the notoriety of our principality to better promote it because thanks to the presence of the Prince at these summits, the name of Aigues-Mortes is more exposed. These meetings also make it possible to build solid links with other micronations to convey messages and carry out concrete actions on themes and values ​​in which the Principality claims a strong civic commitment. The Principality of Aigues-Mortes was present at the following intermicronational meetings:


2015 - 3rd Polination conference, organized by the Free Republic of Alcatraz near Gubbio (Italy).

2016 - 1st Microfrancophonie summit, organized by the Principality of Aigues-Mortes (France).

2017 - 2nd MicroCon conference, organized by the Kingdom of Ruritania in Atlanta (USA).

2018 - 2nd Microfrancophonie Summit, organized by the Empire of Angyalistan in Vincennes (France).

2019 - 3rd MicroCon conference, organized by the Empire of Slavovia in Hamilton (Canada).

2022 - 4th MicroCon conference, organized by the Grand Duchy of Westarctica in Las Vegas (United States).

2022 - 3rd summit of Microfrancophonie, organized by the Principality of Hélianthis in Blaye (France).

2023 - 5th MicroCon conference, organized by the Royal Republic of Ladonia in Chicago (USA).

2023 - 1st MicrocCon Europe conference, co-organized by Ladonia and the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis in Ypres (Belgium).


There are over 400 micronations in the world today. The Principality of Aigues-Mortes has entered into diplomatic relations with the most influential and successful to date. Our goal is to create a strong citizen and international network. Some being recognized as observer NGOs with the United Nations, a micronational union on certain major environmental, human rights and fair trade issues can act as a lobby to influence states and/or international organizations. It is for these reasons that we attach great importance to the establishment of good relations between the micronations active in the world.


You will find below the list of micronations with which the Principality of Aigues-Mortes has established friendly or diplomatic relations. Between brackets the country of origin in which the micronation was created.


A slideshow on these meetings is offered at the bottom of this page

Aerican empire (Canada) 

Alcatraz, Free republic (Italy)

Angyalistan, Empire (France)

Anthophilia, Principality (France) 

Austrasia, Principality (Belgium) 

Aysellant, Principality (Russia)

Bardo, Duchy (Italy) 

Bérémagne, Principality (France, Canada) 

Borshka, Commonwealth (USA)

Cambria, Kingdom (USA)

Celtonia, Kingdom (USA)

Cycoldia, Grand Republic (USA-Royaume-Uni)

Deux-Acren, Principality (Belgium)

Dewaco Estates, Empire (USA)

Dibistan, Participative Republic (France)

Dubast, Kingdom (USA)

Duckionary, Parliamentary Monarchy (Austria)

Emden-Holstein, Kingdom(USA)

Eslanda, Républic (Russia)

Europa, Republic (France) 

Ferthroy, Principality (France, Singapore) 

Frya Nordland, Territories (Germany)

Fomori Institut (France) 

Flandrensis, Grand-Duchy (Belgium) 

Frankland, Kingdom (USA)

Frioul, Republic (France)

Grifburgh, Empire (Russia)

Guerreria, Principality (USA)

Hanover, Kingdom (USA)

Hagersbourg, Grand-Duchy (UK)

Harcosia, Kingdom (Spain)

Hélianthis, Principality (France)

Hersschwell, Principality (Taïwan) 

Homestead, Diplomatic House of (USA)

San Jordì islands, Principality (Spain)

Green island, Principality (France)

Jaïlavera, Republic (France) 

Jura, Répubic (France) 

Karnia-Ruthenia, Empire (Brazil)

Ladonia, Royal republic (Sweden)

Lithua island, Kingdom (UK)

Lorenzburg, Principality (Sweden)

Lostisland, Federal republic (Israël)

Molossia, Républic (USA)

Montmartre, Républic (France)

Navasse, Kingdom (Carribeans, USA) 

Nedland, State (USA)

Nesti, House (Italie)

Norauthwik, Kingdom (USA)

Obscurium, United Republic (Austria)

Occitanie, Popular union (France) 

Otrebor, Principality (Italy)

Padrhom, Republic (France) 

Pontinha, Principality (Portugal)

Resistance, Confederation (Brazil)

Réunion, Saint Empire (Brazil)

Ruritania, Kingdom (USA)

Saint-Castin, Newgraviate (Canada) 

Sancratosia, Principality (Canada) 

Sandus, State (USA) 

Saugeais, Free Republic ( France)

Slabovia, United Empire ( Canada-USA)

Slowjamastan, Republic ( USA )

Sree Guru, Republic (Inde)

Surland, Principality (Luxembourg)

Theodia, Technocratic republic (USA)

Toubak, republic  (Ivory Coast)

Tovaria, Kingdom (Vénézuela)

Unixploria, Kingdom  (Sweden)

Uskor, Commonwealth (Australia)

Verdoleania, Kingdom (Netherlands)

Viper, Kingdom (USA)

Westarctica, Grand-Duchy (Antarctica, USA)

West Who, Republic (USA)

Wishwamitra/State (India)

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