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Our Princely Couple

Their Serene Highnesses, Prince Jean-Pierre IV and Princess Olivia-Eugénie have reigned since June 21, 2011 over the Principality. Our blessed sovereigns from Aigues-Mortes form a very close and very accessible couple for their fellow citizens.

Prince Jean-Pierre IV is above all loved and respected for his qualities as a micronational statesman because he not only defends the interests of Aigues-Mortes abroad, but he works tirelessly on real and concrete projects. to develop commerce, city appeal and culture. He is at the origin of the local currency the flamingo and he co-founded, the FIMCAM, an international classical music festival occurring in Aigues-Mortes. Abroad, the Prince represents the Principality at the main micronational conferences and he maintains close relations with other micronations, with a view to establishing a solid citizen network to defend important subjects such as the fight against global warming which threatens the Camargue and Aigues-Mortes due to the rising waters. He is at the origin of MicroFrancophonie, the organization of French-speaking and Francophile micronations in the world.


Princess Olivia-Eugénie is just as much loved for her very playful and natural side, almost making her unusual features forget. Uncomfortable with the secular protocol of the princely house, she denotes by her outspokenness and her incredible adventures. If the Prince is a man up to his task, the Princess does her best to assume her national duty when she is not under the influence of our good rosé.

Olivia-Eugénie is much better in the street or in a bar with her fellow citizens than at the Palace. She was able to quickly win the hearts of the Acutes-Mortais by her kindness and her non-formalism. She is undoubtedly the link between the acute-mortais and the Crown. In 2012, she created the Prix de Constance which rewards a person who has carried out a significant action for the good of the city and she established her foundation against cirrhosis of the liver which she considers to be the great national evil of the Principality.

Here we are now with this princely couple constantly wavering between a sense of duty and clumsy skids. They are nonetheless one of the most beloved sovereign couples on the planet!

In September 2020, the little crown prince Jean-Rosé decided to renounce his right of succession to the throne. The Prince is currently receiving candidates among citizens aged between 18 and 30 to submit a new Crown Prince or a new Crown Princess to the approval vote of the general assembly of the Principality's citizens. It will therefore be a new princely dynasty that will ensure the sustainability of our micronation.

If you come to visit Aigues-Mortes, you will discover with surprise that the portrait of the princely couple is present in a large number of shops in the city.

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