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The next Gala International du Godet d'Or will take place on Saturday, September 21st  2024, at the Prince's Palace in Aigues-Mortes, also known as the Hôtel le Saint-Louis, in the heart of the medieval city and its ramparts. event brings together eminent citizens of the Principality of Aigues-Mortes and high dignitaries from several micronations. Since its inception, the Godet d'Or has welcomed people from all over Europe, North America and even Asia. As you will have understood, this is a very popular evening, especially since it is limited to 60 people, for quality and security reasons on the premises.






When we open reservations, first to book will be served first regardless of residency, micro-national rank, or any status whatsoever. Note that the reservation will include the payment in advance of the evening and that of your room at the St Louis hotel. We will not consider non-prepaid reservations. We will come back at the time of the opening of reservations on the payment and cancellation deadlines put in place.

















Before shopping for the ball, we advise you to consult the dress code made available on this site. We have a habit of creating a group on Facebook so that the guests can exchange their tips. Preparations are part of the party, take the time and have fun making them. The Prince's Chamberlain, Duke Olivier de Constance usually makes himself available throughout this period. You can ask him all your questions.















As soon as you arrive, you must show your entry card to the Captain of the Guard who will introduce you to the princely couple and all the guests. A welcome drink and petit fours are served and a photo is taken for each guest with the Prince and Princess after greeting you. This is the time when no one would want to miss their entrance.



When the time for the banquet has come, the guests return to their tables. Each being placed according to his affinities and his language as the first criteria. A glass of rosé Champagne from the princely cuvée will be served to you for the first toast. This is Champagne from the Domaine de Nuisement in Aube, which is also served in the French Senate and during the Cannes Film Festival. For the meal, the wines of the princely cuvée accompany the gourmet meal of Chef Matthieu Klein. The meal is always prepared with local and seasonal products, thus responding to the ethics of the Principality. You will be able to share your specific dietary requirements when making your reservation. The meal includes a starter, a main course and a dessert, the glass of Champagne and the wines of the princely cuvée. It is during the meal, before the dessert service, that the Prince presents the medals of the Grand Princely Order of the Flamingo to deserving citizens.







The Gala evening always continues with the ball. The latter begins with a waltz opened by the princely couple. If you're not good dancers, don't worry, neither are they. The ball continues with more contemporary rhythms after a series of ballroom dances. In the patio of the Palace, many prefer to take advantage of the coolness to chat, take photos and continue the party at their own pace. Further entertainment is under study.

Réservation d'une réunion
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